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Maisie → Bed Bug

PH by Gossip

Sia → Grey World

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Plum → Winterfell

PH by Gossip

fearwillnottakemeanywhere: I've never seen LayTee Suicide, she is so amazing. I mean, I loved every detail about her (specially short hair, I love short hair). Guess I'm in love with her <3 thanks for the upload, you're awesome!

Her eyes are STUNNING, you’re totally right!

therealkellychaos: Hardly any of these girls can model. Such a shame that SG accepts these girls over the ones with talent, who remain "hopefulls" for years. Because missy wants a reason to have more girls on the site without paying them a dime. So sad.

I really don’t get your point. Everyone has their own opinion about what modelling is. Some of these girls are models, and some ofthem AREN’T, so don’t put everyone inside the same bag. Some of them do this because it’s fun and they like it, not because they want a career as models.

Oh, and remember that THE MEMBERS choose and vote for the girls to become pink, not Missy or the staff, they only accept their applications and upload their pics for the people to judge by themselves.