Anonymous: Im love you and what you do too <3 <3 <3

♥♥♥ i love anon love ♥♥♥

Anonymous: I saw yours pictures , you are so cute and so beautiful :3

thank you! :)

Anonymous: why women with pierced lips are so sexy ??? <3 <3 <3

i don’t knowwww

Anonymous: I love what you do in this tumblr, I could embrace so strong :3

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audiemurphy1: Without looking for an "official" definition I think this: Soft Porn is nudity of a distinctly sexual nature that does not show any form of explicit sexual acts while simultaneously lacking in artistic merit. For example it is often debated whether an erect penis or a close up of the labia is of and by itself "explicit/hardcore porn". Since most, but not all, SG photos on your site have artistic merit your site should not be classified as soft core porn.

that’s what I say, it has an artistic purpose, not a sexual one. They don’t make sets for people to jerk off to. It’s just a consequence.

Anonymous: Tbh I get that a lot of people will see pictures of suicidegirls as pornographic and get sexual pleasure from them or whatever, and I think it maybe is marketed that way, but naked bodies are not inherently pornographic. I am sexually attracted to women, but I can also just appreciate naked female bodies as being something that's beautiful and natural and not necessarily sexual. I don't get sexually aroused when I look at my own naked body, so why should it be any different?
Anonymous: hi there, sorry I thought that was a widely understood term. Soft porn describes sexual images (of men or women) which do not depict actual sexual acts - so definitely no erect penis, but also any sexual acts represented are simulated, like in the girl/girl SG photo shoots. The most mainstream equivalent are the kind of images published in Playboy. I think that SG escapes the name 'soft porn' because of its social media community that SGs contribute to, which makes it seem non-exploitative

it’s not porn to me but again i’m no one to say what’s this or what’s that.

Anonymous: This isn't the same anon but soft porn is basically photos/video (typically of women) that don't feature insertion of toys or genitals or fingers, don't feature up-close shots of the vulva spread, etc. it's soft because it's usually just a naked woman or nearly naked. Hardcore porn is the opposite of that, there is sex involved in some way.
clamoribusinvanum: Daaaaamn!!! Nice diamond tho 💙💙

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