So guys  won the promotion for getting all of my personal questions right!! Go follow him! :D

unh0lyr3v3nant: Name: Jacob Richart ~ Age: 21 ~Meaning behind tumblr url: The name of a creature I encountered while playing Dragon Age ~Hobbies/Interests: Video games and metal have to be my two favorite. But I love walks in beautiful areas when I can get company ~Why you follow me: You're personality is what really keeps me following the most~Random fact about yourself:I can't find "home" so I tend to move every few months. But I think I found home. Question for me: I'd like a random fact =)

Hey Jacob! Thanks for following! Oh, my personality? haha i’m not an interesting person, really, to thanks for saying that :) 

A random fact: I’d like to go back to my studying years instead of my working years u_u i miss studying. 

beautiful-organisms: My username is a lyric from a song by Pearl And The Beard. "'Cause it's a beautiful organism, and its cells could divide. We could be free dumb lovers, alive." I was at a pretty bad place in my life. I felt ugly, fat, gross. But I took the lyrics out of context, making it simply "Beautiful-Organisms" and since then its honestly helped me become more confident in my body. It reminds me that I am a beautiful gift of nature. :) Also, my name is Katie. I didn't really have a question, just hope that

Hey Katie! Yours is a beautiful username, really, and i reallu like your icon! :) flowers are my thing.