hellostripperfaeries: Box of chocolate, moi, and cats

fuck: box of chocolate

marry: you

kill: cats (i hate cats)

Anonymous: Peeta, Gale, Haymitch

fuck: gale

marry: peeta

kill: snow -sorry- haymitch

sicchris: Penny,Bernadette, or amy?

fuck: bernadette

marry: amy

kill: penny

sicchris: Sad emotional broken Cass or bad ass emotion less cass

fuck: both

marry: both

kill - 

Anonymous: Kevin Tran, Crowley, Abbadon

fuck: abbadon (cause YEA)

marry: kevin

kill: crowley<3

monkeyboymcghee: Fmk Christopher Eccelston, Matt Smith, David Tennant



fuck: tennant <3333

marry: smith <33333

kill: eccleston <33333

Anonymous: Spock, Kirk or Khan, from the Star Trek New Movies

(I watched them and didn’t like them at all hahaha → irrelevant comment)

fuck: kirk

marry: khan

likk: spock ( I LOVE ZACHARY THO <333)

megafuckyourface: Big daddy ed roth, don garlits, boyd cottington

i’m sorry but i don’t know any of them

Anonymous: Castiel, Bartolomew, Gadreel #SPNFandomFTW xD

fuck: Gadreel (I prefer him inside of Sam but I like the real gadreel too hahahaha)

marry: CAS <333333333333

KILL: bartholomew

russblog: Me, a box of eggs, the 1999 Oakland Raiders

i’d fuck the box of eggs

marry you

and kill the raiders